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When Cynthia and I travel I draw/paint and she takes photos.
This first drawing seems a good way to begin the Travel Drawing section because it began a trip for us too.
The drawing was done during a long breakfast on the first day of a river trip from Amsterdam to Budapest.
I "borrowed" a pen from the front desk and folded my boarding pass into 1/4ths thinking I'd do a little drawing on the back to begin our trip. Very casual. Then as the morning passed I refolded the paper and continued to draw...first breakfast from the prow of the boat with pen and paper and then it was lunch time. Wonderful.

Travel drawings enclose two memories for me.
First is of the place we were and second is my experience of doing the drawing, was it easy, was there coffee, were we hiking and I sat a while to draw.

Reviewing these drawings for the website reminds me I've a predilection for a few elements of making art that have continued in my work over the years. What are the marks like on the paper that progress to become a drawing? Patterns or textures with their direction or repetition, become organized into "objects", stuff, creating movement and order ie. the drawing. These are just words on a page but I think they show in the work.
I see the marks, texture, and pattern in the translucent porcelain pieces, landscapes and still life paintings too.

Many of the thoughts I describe to the right of the drawings while putting together the website. Rarely did these thoughts come so formally to mind when I was making a decision of what to draw and how to proceed.
Those choices were usually intuitive. Enjoy.